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Quality Feline Medical Care in Wilmington

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At Coastal Carolina Animal Hospital, we understand that your pets are part of your family. With our highly trained staff, we provide the best cat medical care in the Wilmington area. We specialize in treating even the most obscure feline illnesses and take pride in our diagnosing abilities.

We treat most of the common ailments that plague cats today, including the following:

  • Vomiting: While felines are known to hack up a hairball here and there, frequent vomiting can be caused by something more serious, such as eating something poisonous or an infection.
  • Fleas: It is common for a cat or kitten to have fleas. Symptoms include frequent licking, irritated skin and missing hair.
  • Tapeworms: Because pets like to get out and explore, tapeworms are common and can be very harmful. Luckily, they are easily treated in the office if they are caught early.
  • Eye Illness: Cats can experience a variety of eye diseases. At our office, we are skilled in dealing with everything from glaucoma to eye trauma.
  • Urinary Tract Disease: If your pet has stopped using the litterbox like normal and has begun frequently licking in the genital area, bring your pet in as soon as possible to treat this infection.

Getting the Right Nutrition Plan for Your Cat

While the treatment of medical issues in your pet is vital, the prevention of them is even more so. Preventing ailments in your cat starts with an excellent nutrition plan. At Coastal Carolina Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer sound diet plans that take into account activity levels and breed.

Keeping Kittens Healthy in the Carolina Beach & Kure Beach Areas

Providing your cat with quality medical care is as simple as scheduling an appointment with our office. Coastal Carolina Animal Hospital gives the best veterinarian services in the Wilmington, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach areas, and we do it with a smile. Call us today at 910-792-9600.